5 Best PS3 Fear Cheats

If you enjoy "Fear" for the PS3 but are having problems with it then you need to know the 5 best PS3 Fear cheats. These cheats will ensure that the game is not only scarier for you, but also, if you find it necessary, easier. Just be sure to keep in mind that cheating in "Fear" on the PS3, or any game for that matter, will rob of the experience and joy of beating the game by yourself so it is recommended that you only do this on replays!

  1. Get all levels. Probably the most popular "Fear" for the PS3 cheat out there. To pull this off, you need to start a new profile and enter “F3ARDAY1” as the name. Keep in mind this will disable all achievements from this profile as you are cheating, and it wouldn’t be fair to count this PS3 "Fear" achievement!
  2. Obtain Extra Ammo. To get extra ammunition for any weapon in "Fear" for the PS3, you will need to first find ammo on the ground. To exploit this glitch/cheat you will need to find the ammo for the gun you want to get extra ammo for the desired gun in "Fear." After you have spotted it, drop your weapon and pick up the ammo. Then, pick the gun back up and you will have more ammo than you would normally get, the amount varying depending on the weapon.
  3. M77 Remote Bomb. While more of a hint than a cheat for "Fear" for the PS3, you can obtain the M77 Remote bomb in "Escalation: Bad Water" which is a part of interval three. You may be wondering why this is significant, and the answer to that is because it is the strongest explosive in the game and can stick to any surface, enemy or wall!
  4. Andra MOD 3 Rocket Launcher. What would the most powerful explosive be in "Fear" without the most powerful weapon? This rocket launcher can be located in "Interval 6: Interception," where you should definitely consider conserving the ammunition for later boss fights and the like.
  5. Armacham T7 Particle Rifle. To complete your arsenal of awesome in "Fear" for the PS3 you are going to need a weapon that can be used when the rocket launcher is overkill for normal enemies! While this weapon may seem to be a sniper rifle with a fancy name, it is so much more in that it can kill almost any nonboss enemy with a single hit and shouldn’t be overlooked! It can be found on the same level as the rocket launcher!
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