5 Best PS3 Mortal Kombat Cheats

The 5 best PS3 Mortal Kombat cheats will allow gamers to unlock secrets buried within the game and also add a slight advantage during two player action. Outworld inhabits the harshest environments for these warriors to battle in and the cheats for "Mortal Kombat II" for the PS3 through the Playstation Network offers the best way to enhance their chances. "Mortal Kombat II" for the PS3 brings one of the arcade games to home consoles so these cheats make the gameplay even more worthwhile for fans. The blood-soaked legacy of "Mortal Kombat II" continues in the PS3 with its mysterious landscape and the secrets await to be revealed with these cheats. Here are the five best PS3 "Mortal Kombat II" cheats:

  1. No Throws Allowed. A two player battle can be intense at times and an unlikely throw could shift the balance in "Mortal Kombat II." Hold "Down" and "HP" on both controllers before the match begins and the words "Throwing Disabled" will appear.  
  2. Play Pong. Hardcore gamers need a break from all the bone crushing rounds and carnage of fatalities in "Mortal Kombat II." Reach the 250th battle and a message will alert to being "teleported" to another dimension and both players can play a round of classic Pong up to 7 points. 
  3. Battle Jade. A mysterious female ninja dressed all in green awaits any brave warrior who meet her requirements in "Mortal Kombat II." In the match before reaching the "?," win the first round using nothing but low kicks and the directional pad, then win the next one normally and in the following "?" match will be in "Goro's Lair" against the emerald femme fatale.
  4. Battle Smoke. The deadly ninja cloaked in a gray mist searches for a true challenge and it's time to give him one in "Mortal Kombat II."  Reach the "Portal Stage" and during the battle Dan Forden appears in the bottom to yell "Toasty!" Quickly hold "Down" and "Start" at the same time right afterwards and if executed well (no pun intended) the next match will be in "Goro's Lair" against the smoke-filled assassin.
  5. Battle Noob Saibot. Here is the ultimate killer of killers dressed all in shadow in "Mortal Kombat II," but he only fights the most worthy opponents. Play and win 50 straight two player matches in a row and the following battle will be at "Goro's Lair" versus the infamous man in black.
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