5 Best Psychological Thriller Movies

The 5 best psychological thriller movies on the list that follows are sure to twist your cap. Psychological thriller films are frightening to watch because they place fear where all fear lives; in your mind. In a psychological thriller, the enemy or bad person doesn't need any screen time because the watcher is experiencing the badness within themselves. Here is the list of 5 of the best psychological thriller movies.

  1. "The Silence Of The Lambs." This 1990 thriller allows you to be taken on a psychological journey with a convicted cannibalistic serial killer who is a former psychologist. An FBI trainee is sent to get a psychological profile of an active serial killer from the convicted serial killer who is in solitary confinement. After playing mind games with the agent, the convicted serial killer is dead on with his profile, and the FBI gets their man. But in the process the convicted serial killer escapes.
  2. "The Sixth Sense." A child psychologist tries to help an eight year old boy figure out his ability to see dead people in this 1999 thriller. As their talks progress, the young boy opens up to his psychologist and turns the tables by helping the psychologist realize and accept the fact that he was shot recently and as a result, died. 
  3.  "Jacob's Ladder." Once home, a wounded Vietnam veteran, starts having strange dreams about the war and his former platoon buddies. His dreams become more vivid during visits to a chiropractor, where the veteran soon realizes that his platoon was a part of a government LSD experiment which caused them to massacre each other in Vietnam. This thriller was filmed in 1990.
  4. "Hard Candy." A 30 something male photographer arranges a date with a 14 year old girl online and takes her home where he gets more than he bargains for. She has a plan to help him with his sickness for young girls; she's going to painlessly castrate him. This is a 2006 psychological thriller.
  5. "The Game." This is a 1997 psychological thriller. A man goes along with birthday gift from a wayward brother in the form of a very expensive an elaborate live-action game. The game quickly consumes the man's life almost to the point of causing him to lose his sanity.
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