5 Best Punk Acoustic Songs

Here is a list of the 5 best punk acoustic songs.  Punk is not the genre that most would think of if when thinking about the acoustic guitar.  It is known for its high tempo and heavy distortion.  This list of the best punk acoustic songs will make you change your mind about punk music.

  1. “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" by Green Day:  This song is a classic off of their "Nimrod" album.  This song was a break from the fast and some times humorous punk songs that Green Day has been known for.  They allowed their fans to see a different side of them in this acoustic song.
  2. “Swing Life Away” by Rise Against:  This song took the raspy political punk music of Rise Against to a different level.  It brought them mainstream recognition while still allowing them to speak from the heart using their acoustics.
  3. “Firewater” by Yellowcard:  A violin driven punk band.  Odd combination it seemed.  But Yellowcard found huge success and “Firewater” is a gem that most do not know about.
  4. “Moving Mountains” by Thrice:  This song came from the "Alchemy Index" collection from Thrice.  They put out an EP for each element and this one came off of the Earth section and showed the singer’s strong folkish styling that had not been heard in their other punk rooted rock before.  They used their acoustics and made a great song.
  5. “A Hole in the World” by Thursday:  This song was a great representation of what the Thursday singer could do without loud and heavy instrumentation behind him and instead acoustic guitars.  This song is one that will surely make you change your mind about what punk is.


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