5 Best Purple Wrestling Shoes

These 5 best purple wrestling shoes make a statement. If you are a wrestler or know one who wants to make a statement with a solid pair of purple wresting shoes then read on. These purple wrestling shoes offer all the plus-ups and expected quality with a splash and dash of purple envy.

  1. ASICS Matflex 2 Wrestling Shoe (Purple). High quality mesh construction maintains it’s durability during the long matches and also keeps the feet cool. These exceptional shoes are built sturdy but flexible to keep you moving. The soft-core under sole keeps you light on your feet but stuck to the mat as well.
  2. Brute Kudos Wrestling Shoes. These shoes are built for grapplers with reinforced toe and sturdy heel. The flex-mesh construction keeps you cool and moisture free while you take down your opponent. Extra lace strapping with Velcro wraps to keep the laces laced and you in the match.
  3. Shmack Crowbar Purple Wrestling Shoes. Look out old school wrestlers. This shoe is solid canvas with a non-slip under sole and sturdy out sole. Lace up high-top design with reinforced sole and in-your-face-design will certainly get you some attention. More for the traditional Roman-Greco style wrestler looking for a sturdy wrestling shoe to keep the feet in place.
  4. Double Sport Beloglazov Wrestling Shoes. A top of the line mesh based wrestling shoe with purple accents available to help you stick out in a crowd. The professional construction means a sturdy and durable shoe that will provide years of service. These shoes are ultra lightweight, which aids the wrestler in fighting fatigue. The fit snug and provide a non-slip under sole for sure footing.
  5. Nike Takedown Wrestling Shoes. Nike always has some of the best any sports shoes on the market. The Takedown offers customizable purple coloring for the Nike logo and the accents around the shoe. The fine grade leather construction provides breathability and surprising flexibility.
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