5 Best Quad Graphics Cards

The 5 best quad graphics cards are technological tools that you use in order to deliver super-sharp image quality on your computer screen. In some cases of extremely powerful quad graphics cards, the super-sharp image quality may even be displayed on several monitors at the same time. Quad graphics cards also offer desktop management features for increased organization for the user.

  1. Matrox M9140-E512LAF. This quad graphics card by Matrox is your go-to card because it delivers extremely high and crystal clear images at incredibly sharp resolutions of 1920 X 1200. Taking the number one spot because of an additional, generous helping of memory (512 MB), Matrox's M9140-E512LAF can be used for government, business or even industrial needs.
  2. Jaton Video-348PCI-Quad Graphics Card. Jaton's quad graphics card belongs in the number two slot on account of its NVIDIA Ge Force 6200 core technology. A graphics adapter, it features the ability to improve by a lot the graphics in shadow-intensive games. So if you like playing PC games with lots of dark graphics, then this is your graphics card.
  3. Matrox M9148 LP PCle x16. Another quad graphics card from Matrox, this one is a step up from the Matrox M9140, and it can also display great-quality images on four monitors, but its resolution comes in at an amazing proportion of 2560 X 1600, enough to boost it to the number three position. The memory is also higher here with 1 massive GB of memory. The great thing about it is that you can adapt this to a variety of systems because of its low profile form factor.
  4. Jaton Video PX-309-Quad. This quad graphics card from Jaton is a bit more pricey than the earlier Jaton model, but this one can grant you breakthrough effectiveness. It makes this list on account of the fact that it is energy-efficient, so that you can run your PC with lower energy costs and a quieter running sound.
  5. Matrox G450 Multi Monitor Series Quad Card. Matrox's multi monitor series quad card can both support analog and digital monitors (up to four at a time) simultaneously, but it is a little light on memory with only 128 MB, so that's why it sits last on this list of graphics cards. However, it is priced the cheapest of all the Matrox models in this list, so you can decide for yourself whether value trumps features.
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