5 Best Quartz Wrist Watches

The 5 best quartz wrist watches sit on your wrist and give you reliable time whenever you so need. Quartz wrist watches rely on the time-honored mainstay of excellent time keeping, which is usually an electronic oscillator which is then regulated by a quartz crystal. So if accurate time keeping is what you are a stickler for, then definitely check out quartz wrist watches.

  1. TAG Heuer Men's WJ1110.BA0570 Link Quartz Stainless Steel Watch. This quartz wrist watch takes the number one spot because it is made by one of the best watchmakers in the whole business: TAG Heuer. While the price may be a bit too costly for you, it is entirely warranted if you consider that this quartz wrist watch features not only perfect time keeping, but also the TAG Heuer commitment to aesthetic beauty.
  2. Golana Swiss Men's AE100-1 Aero Pro 100 Quartz Watch. If you want a quartz wrist watch that is more affordable, then this simpler baby is for you. Boasting a look that can only be described as having been influenced by aviation, this very distinct-looking quartz watch by Golana Swiss also comes with Swiss ETA automatic movement, a clever leather band to emphasize character, and a sapphire-coated crystal.
  3. Stuhrling Original Men's 141.33151 Sportsman's "Eagle" Swiss Quartz Date Watch. This is the quartz wrist watch to put on if you want to make an impression; it will be easy with its huge watch face, which also makes reading the time a snap. This Stuhrling Original wrist watch takes the number three spot on account of the many details it possesses that make its appearance so special. That includes its stainless steel-brushed bezel, its French leather strap, and its silver-lined, Arabic numerals.
  4. Yahama ME-120BK Digital Quartz Metronome Wristwatch. Stealing the number four spot because of its multi-faceted features, this wrist watch by Yamaha is truly noteworthy. More than a mere watch, it also acts as a stopwatch, a calorie counter, a metronome and a timer! So while this baby may not exactly get you compliments on its look, it will, however, more than serve your time keeping needs in a number of ways.
  5. Rothco Military Style Quartz Watch. Rothco's Military Style Quartz Watch is at the number five spot because it is very cheap, making it utterly affordable. If you like a wrist watch that features a G.I. style, then this economical watch is also just what you have been looking for. This quartz watch also comes with rugged construction, giving you peace of mind during intense usage.
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