5 Best: Quick Wax For Snowboard

Locating the 5 best quick waxes for snowboarding will depend on the type of wax you are looking for. Wax is not just wax when it comes to this sport. This important protective layer is vital for a snowboard's smooth run and longevity. The best wax for a snowboard will provide the proper outer shell and durability protectant for your board. This article will examine five of the best quick waxes for a snowboard based on type and style of wax.

  1. Universal Wax's Zoom Ski Wax is the “journeyman” snowboard wax for use under any circumstances that do not require specialty coverage. This wax is best suited for everyday use under normal conditions. This great product offers a clean and smooth coverage.
  2. Hydrocarbon Wax's Toko HydroWax is rated for extreme temperatures. This wax is a superior guard for below freezing snowboarding tours to maintain the integrity of your snowboard and protect against cracking.
  3. Hydrocarbon Overlays' One Ball Jay Hydrocarbon Snowboard Wax offers extreme cold protection in an underlay coat for your snowboard. Used in general conditions where the temperature is below freezing but you are not tackling extreme moves.
  4. Hi Fluoro's Race Service 1 Fluoro Wax boasts a superior smooth finish and ultra underlay protection for the snowboard racer at heart. The heat-applied wax extends the natural glide of a snowboard to more powder-based adventures.
  5. Nordic Wax's Swix Cera 10BS Wet Turbo Solid 20gm provides the proper coverage for coarse and wet snow courses. This is a wax-iron based application, which allows you to control depth and consistency. This is a great product for springtime snowboarding.



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