5 Best Quotes From ‘The OC’

"The OC" was filled with great lines, but these are the five best quotes from the "The OC."

  1. “Chino? Eww.” Summer before showed us her sweet side. Here, she was mean, nasty and obviously had an extreme dislike for anything related to Chino in "The OC."
  2. “Maybe you have the Summer flu and you should take some Annabiotics.” Ryan never had much to say and was rarely ever clever or funny, which is what makes this quote so great. He was helping Seth sort out his feelings for Summer and Anna in "The OC."
  3. Luke: “New year's resolution: Punch people less.” Ryan: “Yeah. Mine, too.” Luke and Ryan got off to a rough start and punched each other several times during the first few episodes of "The OC." Seeing them make amends was quite nice.
  4. “Few grunts. The occasional shrug.” Sandy knew not to expect much from Ryan when it came to conversation. He was lucky to even get the grunts and shrugs at all in "The OC."
  5. “Hang on a second, Ryan, it seems to me that what we have here is a Chrismukkah miracle. Thank you! Think about this for a second, the old Ryan Atwood what woulda happened? He woulda got busted, for sure, but this time ya had Jesus workin' for ya, right, and then you also had Moses, workin' together, the super team, fightin' for you to keep you safe and give you a second chance!” Seth is trying to win Ryan over by shedding light on Ryan’s first Chrismukkah miracle. Chrismukkah is a holiday Seth made to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah.
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