5 Best Quotes From Roast Pam Anderson

Back in 2005, there was a roast for celebrity Pamela Anderson and now you can learn about 5 quotes from Roast Pam Anderson and read what you may have missed. Here are 5 best quotes from Roast Pam Anderson for you to enjoy.

  1. "Pamela and I are so opposite with drugs – I have to PAY for mine." This was by roaster, Courtney Love. Courtney Love has an extensive background with supposed drug use so this quote was highly appropriate for the roast.
  2. "Oh! There we go! The funny thing about that is… Next year, we can Roast Anna Nicole and do the same jokes, only adding fat ones." Obviously, this was before Anna Nicole's death but Jeffrey Ross added this quote that was hilarious since, at the time, Anna Nicole was in the audience. This quote was mentioned after Jeffrey Ross said that Anna Nicole was in the audience and behaving herself only to see her give him the middle finger.
  3. "As an actor, you have the emotional range of Terri Schiavo." This was by comedian Nick DiPaolo and directed to Pamela Anderson and an obvious diss on her acting skills or lack of.
  4. "You starring in a show about books and reading is like Tom Cruise starring in a show about vaginas!" This quote was from the now deceased Greg Giraldo who passed away in 2010 from a drug overdose. It was a dig at Pamela Anderson and her dumb blonde appeal.
  5. "People say 'Pamela Anderson's nothing without her tits!' And that's not true! That is *not* true!… She'd be Paris Hilton." This was a quote directed at Pamela Anderson by Sarah Silverman and one of the cleaner quotes at that.

Many more hilarious quotes were made at the Roast Pam Anderson show that night but these are some of the more memorable ones. There were some directed at other roasters that were almost just as funny as these. Enjoy this list to learn about 5 best quotes from Roast Pam Anderson.

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