5 Best Rachel Ray’s Super Bowl Snacks

Super Bowl time also means it's time for the five best Rachel Ray's Super Bowl snacks! It's game day and your friends are on their way and these five Best Rachel Ray Super Bowl Snacks will complete your party. The day will be fun-filled and your guests will leave impressed at your creative snack ideas. These recipes are available at www.rachelray.com, just click on the snacks option.

To learn about the five best Rachel Ray Super Bowl snacks, you will need:

  • computer with Internet access or a Rachel Ray cookbook
  • pen and paper or printer
  1. Buffalo Chicken Jalapeno  Poppers. No Super Bowl party is complete without some sort of buffalo hot wings. These buffalo jalapeno poppers are a cool twist on an old favorite. Serve with Blue Cheese or Ranch dip.
  2. Eggplant Parm Bites. You never know when one of your guests might be a vegetarian. It is always good to make sure you have that option covered ahead of time. These eggplant parmigiana bites are super delicious and really add variety to your snack selection.
  3. Bruschetta with Hot Cherry Tomatoes. This Italian favorite will dress up your snack table with it's colorful appeal. Not to mention it is a completely healthy snack. You can add a little spice to one tray and leave the other one mild. Just be sure to mark them appropriately.
  4. Apple Brandy Fondue and Dippers. This is sure to please. The dippers recipe is listed just above the fondue on her web site. Delicious bacon-wrapped chicken, spinach, blanched veggies, and apples. Fondue is fun and delicious.
  5. Potstickers. Asian flair at your fingertips. There are several variations on this recipe. They can be made with meat or vegetarian style. The dipping sauce can also be modified. You can go with a traditional vinegar/soy sauce dumpling dip to sweet and sour or even duck sauce. They are easy to make in large quantities but are best eaten when they are hot. They tend to be less appetizing after getting cold and do not do well for long periods even in a warming tray.

These five best Rachel Ray Super Bowl snacks will keep your guests fans of your cooking as well as the game. So go on out there and get yourself the Most Valuable Host/Hostess Award. Go team!




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