5 Best Rated Car Alarms

The five best rated car alarms provide different types of protection for your vehicle. Car alarms vary from paging systems to those that disable a vehicle. 

  1. Lojack. The Lojack is a tracking system. If your car is stolen, the police can track it down with this system. This is done through a radio signal that is transmitted by the system. While criminals are able to bypass conventional anti theft devices, they cannot bypass a tracking system.
  2. Viper. The Viper car alarms are sound-based alarms. They use a siren to indicate that the vehicle is being disturbed. They also cause the parking lights to flash. This is probably the one of the most conventional type of car alarms.
  3. Ravelco. This is a silent system. It uses a plug that is removed when the driver leaves the vehicle. It breaks the connection to the ignition and prevents it from working even if the vehicle is being hot-wired.
  4. PowerLock. One of the best rated car alarms, the PowerLock works by immobilizing the solenoid. This stops the systems from being hot-wired. It is permanently attached to the starter motor.
  5. Clifford. Clifford makes a couple different car alarms. One is a two-way remote system which starts the car and alerts you when the car alarm has been triggered. Another is an alarm that causes the car to slow down and come to a stop when it has been stolen. It doesn't get far away from the owner and it sounds a siren so it can be easily found.
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