5 Best Rated Car Tires

When you are looking for new tires for your car, you may want to check out the 5 best rated car tires. Although there are many different types of tires for your vehicle, these five best car tires will cover passenger car tires. These are you everyday all-weather tires that can be used on most passenger cars out there today. One important thing to consider when buying tires is that the tires that come from the manufacturer may not be the exact  same tire you can buy, even if it is the same brand and style. They may have the same name but are built to different specifications.  

  1. Michelin Harmony. These tires have a great tread design and deliver exactly what would be expected of a Michelin tire. The Harmony tires are a good car tire because of their long wear tread design and open edge tread that allows snow and water to be thrown from the tire.
  2. Michelin M&S LTX2. These Michelin tires are good all season tires for sport utility vehicles. They have a high tread wear rating and offer a quiet ride. The tires have the ability to handle rain and moderate snow as if they were on dry roads.
  3. Kumho Solis KR21. The Solis offers a quiet ride with good traction in rain and light snow. The sides are constructed from a nylon belt edge layers for enhanced durability and stability.
  4.  Nokian WRG2. The Nokian offers an asymmetrical tread design to offer optimum grip, stability and handling. The rubber compound offers low rolling resistance to help improve gas mileage.
  5. Pirelli P4 Four Seasons. This best car tire has a high silica tread compound that is designed to reduce rolling resistance and offer better fuel efficiency. These tires offer a comfortable ride, low noise and good traction in rain and light snow. 
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