5 Best R&B Songs About Cheating

The 5 best R&B song about cheating all have something in common, someone is gonna get hurt. Surprisingly, some of these hit songs about stepping out on your partner are upbeat and have a party sound. The lyrics, however, indicate that the party is over at home.

  1. "The Other Woman" by Ray Parker Jr. In the 1980's, Ray Parker jr. had a string of hits including the theme song from the movie "Ghost Busters." This R&B heartthrob crooned and smiled his way into the hearts of the public with his good boy image. This image added to the shock which occurred when "The Other Woman" was released. The good boy image was completely shattered as Parker sang about being in love with the other woman. Lyrics bolded stated "I hate to have to sneak, but it feels better when I cheat." Women held their men close to their sides at clubs when this song played, placing it at the top of the list of best R&B songs about cheating.
  2. "Part Time Lover" by Stevie Wonder. Little Stevie Wonder was riding high in the 1980's when his song about having an affair with your wife's friend hit the charts. The scandalous tale of cheaters is laid out in the lyrics as Wonder tells his mistress the plan to meet without getting caught. The irony comes when it is revealed in the song that the friend helping him cheat, is cheating with his wife. The pure irony puts this song on the list of best R&B songs about cheating.
  3. "Heard it Through the Grapevine" by Marvin Gaye. This pure classic makes the list of best R&B songs about cheating for it's pure staying power. Re-recorded multiple times in varying genres, the R&B version is the original, and in some opinion, still the best.
  4. "OPP" by Naughty by Nature. This R&B/Hip Hop crossover song makes the list of best R&B songs about cheating for it's blatant lyrics and upbeat tune. The catchy tune had everyone singing along in the 1990's upon it's release.
  5. "If Lovin You is Wrong, I Don't Want to be Right" by Luther Ingram. This 1970's hit makes the list of best R&B songs about cheating for it's painful recount of falling in love with the wrong person. The song has been redone multiple times, but was made famous by Ingram.
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