5 Best RCA Plasma TVs

The 5 best RCA Plasma TVs are those TVs that bring you into the TV-viewing experience like nothing else can. They are RCA Plasma TVs which also symbolize a good, decent value over the competition's plasma TVs, ultra-important in this economy when every last dollar really should stretch as much as you can make it.

  1. RCA PHD50500. The best RCA Plasma TV is the RCA PHD50500 because it is a huge-sized TV at 50 inches. Both attractive design as well as high-class technology come together to make this RCA Plasma TV a thing to behold indeed. A standout feature of this TV is its TruScan Digital Reality Intelligent Signal Processing. This technology gets you optimum digital picture.
  2. RCA P42WHD33. This is the second-best RCA Plasma TV because it features adjustable color temperature, adjustable picture control and gamma correction. While this may not be the biggest Plasma TV at only 42 inches, it still is a good size for viewing all the latest DVDs and big-time sports games. With its 10,000:1 contrast ratio, you should also expect an excellent picture sharpness and resolution.
  3. RCA PHD50300. The third-best RCA Plasma TV on account of its enormous viewing angle of 160 degress, the RCA PHD50300 is also beautifully thin. In fact, its width is only a stunning and svelte 3.5 inches across, which makes it a nice centerpiece in your living room just for that fact alone. This Plasma TV also apes the look of a movie theater screen perfectly, thanks to its 16:9 aspect ratio.
  4. RCA PR42300. The RCA PR42300 is the fourth-best RCA Plasma TV because it possesses something called a 3D-Y/C digital comb filter, just another way of saying that RCA Plasma TVs come with very sharp image qualities. If that level of extreme sophistication in Plasma design wasn't enough, the RCA PR42300 also comes with an anti-glare feature that you will be thankful for when trying to enjoy what you are looking at.
  5. RCA P52927. This is the fifth-best RCA Plasma TV because of its huge size of 52 inches. While this is a very early model Plasma TV, you can still expect decent picture and sound from it, and any doubts you may have should be dispelled when you sit before it and appreciate its 52-inch viewing experience of unrivaled picture size.
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