5 Best Rebecca Romijn Movies

When a successful model makes the transition to Hollywood, she can only hope her work is even one-tenth as successful as the 5 best Rebecca Romijn movies. A former model herself, she didn’t waste much time taking over the silver screen and showing it who was boss.

  1. “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” (1999) Prior to “X-Men”, Rebecca Romijn had only her good looks to fall back on, which she does in this sequel to “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” (1997). Like a lot of the famous people popping up in this film, Romijn plays herself in an uncredited role. And hey, that ain’t nothing to sneeze at. Who cares if she’s not showing her range? It is Rebecca Romijn, after all. Gorgeous, lovely Rebecca Romijn.
  2. “Godsend” (2004) How many people routinely forget it’s a bad idea to use genetic research to play God by resurrecting their dead children and in so doing allow malevolent ghosts to terrorize them? Hey, happens to everyone, right? That’s why you have a Rebecca Romijn movie that teaches you to forgo the experimentation and just grieve your loss instead, which is exactly what Romijn, as Jessie Duncan, and husband Paul (Greg Kinnear) should have done. But no, they give God the middle finger and try to do his job. What results is a cranky, haunted child and a house held in fear and trembling…and the kid isn’t even a teenager. (Rimshot!)
  3. “The Alibi” (2006) When a man who runs an alibi service for adulterers becomes somehow embroiled in a murder investigation involving one of his clients, he finds himself on the run from the cops and an independent death contractor, aka assassin. With no one else to turn to, he recruits his lovely new assistant (who happens to be Rebecca Romijn, in case you didn’t see that coming) to help him clear his name. In order to do that, however, he must concoct a far-reaching scheme designed to manipulate and fool everyone involved. One of the funniest Rebecca Romijn movies that features a cast of thousands. Okay, not thousands, but there are lots of big name actors.
  4. “X-Men” (2000) This was the first well-known Rebecca Romijn movie, and the irony is that she was so caked in make-up and prosthetics that you could have seen it and not even known it was her. Romijn plays Mystique, the shapeshifting mutant who does the bidding of Magneto and flirts with Wolverine while trying to kill him. Mutant women: Can’t live with them or they try to kill you.
  5. “Femme Fatale” (2002) You got action, adventure, mystery, intrigue, and noir in what amounts to the best Rebecca Romijn movie. And if that isn’t enough, toss in some bisexuality on the part of Ms. Romijn herself and you have a movie that makes most men stand up and take notice. One of Rebecca’s best roles, she teamed with legendary director Brian De Palma to portray a member of a jewel thief ring who makes with the diamonds after double-crossing her team. She assumes a dead woman’s identity (but don’t we all eventually?) but when her face is photographed for the newspaper, it threatens to reveal her new identity to her former thief friends, who are still a bit miffed about the whole double-crossing thing.
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