5 Best Red Basketball Shoes

The 5 best red basketball shoes are those basketball shoes which will command the attention of everyone on the basketball court on account of their bright, shiny color. With these red basketball shoes, you will easily be the center of attention on the court as you dribble, jump, block, steal, pivot and shoot your way to victory. If you want better performance, too, then look no farther than these red basketball shoes.

  1. Adidas Men's Pro Model 08 Team Color Basketball Shoe. Adidas' red basketball shoe takes the top spot because of its lightweight cushioning that is provided due to its EVA midsole. Bright red from front to back and accented with only a few, minor stripes, this Adidas shoe will ensure that you look your sharpest when doing lay-ups, going for a jump ball, or just taking a jumpshot from the top of the key.
  2. Reebok Men's Pump Omni Lite. Reebok's Men's Pump Omni Lite takes the number two spot on account of nostalgia: It features Reebok's nifty-yet-aged pump system that was a big deal back in the early 1990s. Wear this red and burgundy colored basketball shoe and look like a crimson avenger gliding your way back and forth on the court. You'll look so sharp in these blood-red shoes that people may not notice even if you miss that final shot.
  3. Nike Dunk High Men's Orange Red Basketball Shoes. From Nike comes this pair of basketball shoes that gives you a vibrant and slightly different take on color combinations. With red, orange and white accents, this breathable basketball shoe sits at the number three position because it will promote your ability to dunk higher, faster and harder than ever before.
  4. New Balance BB906RD. The BB906RD from New Balance occupies the four spot because it empowers you to be able to pursue aggressive play on the court. Its lightning dry collar removes wetness quickly so that when your feet sweat, you will still be able to enjoy your game in dry comfort. With these babies on your feet, other players will only see a red blur as you dribble circles around them.
  5. Nike Air Max Hyped TB. This red basketball shoe from Nike is part of their Air Max line. As such, this basketball shoe features a herringbone pattern that provides you with nothing but the best in traction so that you can perform to the best of your abilities on any surface. While most of the shoe is red, it comes with a white tongue and Nike Swoosh logo, just to mix things up.
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