5 Best Reggae Albums

What are the 5 best Reggae albums? There are many Reggae albums to choose from. Some make you dance, other Reggae albums focus on revealing the social injustices of the time, other Reggae albums have collections of some of the most erotic love songs in existence. Choosing the five best Reggae albums is definitely not the easiest thing for you to do. Some people may agree with this list, others may not. But, you'll all agree that the choices for best Reggae albums are all hot. Here are the 5 best Reggae Albums.

  1. "Legend." This is a compilation album of the greatest works by the single greatest Reggae artist of all time. Bob Marley. "Legend" has some really great songs. Bob Marley was known for his strong stance against social injustice, hatred, and overall mistreatment of human life. But, he also knew how to create music to get down to. "Legend" showcases all of that. No matter who you are, or what you think, you have to admit that this album would be on anyone's "best Reggae album" list.
  2. "King of The Dancehall." If you want to dance, get this album. Beenie Man, the self proclaimed "King of The Dancehall" lives up to that title. For those of you that don't know, dancehall is a subgenre of Reggae dedicated to getting the listeners nice and sweaty…. By dancing, you nasty kids. Dancehalls are the Reggae equivalent to say a club in the United States. Anyway, this particular album succeeds in getting hips gyrating and booties shaking.
  3. "Dutty Rock." Sean Paul's first major release in the United States just so happens to be his greatest work, as well as one of the greatest Reggae albums of all time. Why? Well, it features some truly innovative dancehall songs that will eventually be musical classics. It also taps into the more chilled, relaxed grass roots Reggae.
  4. "The Harder They Come." Even if you're not a fan of Reggae, you have to know the legendary Jimmy Cliff. Well, if you don't, you have to check this album out. It is a musical imperative that you do. The deep Caribbean beats and thoughtful lyrics will make you fall in love with Reggae as a genre. Getting this album is your homework assignment, class.
  5. "Boom Shak-a-Lak". If you're in to an artist that speaks on social injustice, Junior Reid is the guy for you. But don't get it confused, just because his message is heavy doesn't mean the beats are lacking. This album hits, and it hits hard. One listen to this album, and it'll instantly be one of your favorites.
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