5 Best Renaissance Faire Costumes

Before heading out to the Renaissance faire in your Jack Sparrow costume, you may want to read this list of the 5 best Renaissance faire costumes first. While there were certainly pirates during the reign of Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I, they did not usually share Mister Sparrow's awesome fashion sense.

  1. King Henry VIII. The top Renaissance faire costume is the most obvious one. Although Queen Elizabeth might seem obvious, most guys do not have the figure to pull off Elizabeth I. If King Henry VIII is not already taken by one of the Renaissance faire staff, grab some royal-looking robes and a leg of mutton or chicken drumstick. Go with they lusty look in your eyes that suggests you'll marry anyone. Make it clear that you will behead potential partners if they do not produce a male heir.
  2. Knight in shining armor. The heyday of these plated warriors came before the Renaissance began, but these plated warriors are a staple of Renaissance faires across the country. While buying an actual suit of armor made out of steel is not a cost-effective option for a Renaissance faire costume, an enterprising person may be able to cast armor out of aluminum or other materials and have it approach authenticity.
  3. A Catholic (not Adrian) monk. A Catholic brother's outfit makes the ideal Renaissance faire costume for the terminally lazy. Monks were as common during the Renaissance as they were doing the middle ages. A monk's robe can be fashioned out a of a burlap sack and can easily be worn over far more comfortable street clothes. Add some sandals and you can claim to be a member of a Franciscan order.
  4. A gypsy or a pirate. Renaissance faire goers who have a flair for style may consider going as a gypsy or a member of a privateer's crew. The basic costumes are the same, although the pirate outfit may require an eye-patch and a hook.
  5. William Shakespeare. Well, the above costumes give a guy a good start when he wants to decide what to wear to the Renaissance faire, but other than the king or knights, the best costume will come down to what everybody wants to be. If you look at a picture, and can imitate the clothes, try going as the Bard himself. No one embodies the title of Renaissance man like William Shakespeare, with the possible exception of Danny DeVito.
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