5 Best Renee Zellweger Movies

This list of the 5 best Renee Zellweger movies includes roles for which the actress has won Golden Globes, SAG Awards and even Oscars. Zellweger has completed 31 films (and counting) in just under twenty years and has been nominated for over fifty high-profile acting awards. These are just five of the bright spots in her highly-decorated career.

  1. "Bridget Jones's Diary" Fans of the original book were less than thrilled to hear an American actress was going to play their beloved Bridget Jones in the film that tops the list of the 5 best Renee Zellweger movies. But Renee's charming portrayal and complete transformation won them over enough for a sequel and a third one on the way. It also garnered her Golden Globe and Oscar nods.
  2. "Chicago" Director Rob Marshall took a gamble casting Zellweger in the next of the 5 best Renee Zellweger movies, "Chicago." After all, she had no musical theater background. But after being selected over a hundred other actresses, she once again rose to the occasion, physically transformed herself and danced her little butt off. She also received her second Academy Award nomination and won a SAG Award and a Golden Globe for her performance as wanna-be vaudevillian Roxie Hart.
  3. "Jerry Maguire" Next on the list of the 5 best Renee Zellweger movies is "Jerry Maguire," the film in which she made her first big impact as Tom Cruise's love interest, Dorothy Boyd. She got a Blockbuster Entertainment Award for her performance as the single mom/accountant and gave audiences worldwide the catch-phrase, "You had me at hello." That's exactly how audiences felt about Zellweger.
  4. "Nurse Betty" Fans got to see the warped side of the actress in the black comedy "Nurse Betty," so it earned a spot as one of the 5 best Renee Zellweger movies. She played Betty Sizemore, a waitress who went off the deep end after seeing her husband scalped and then drove cross-country to stalk her favorite soap star, who she thought, in a state of denial and delusion, was her boyfriend. The combo road trip movie/thriller/chick flick won Zellweger her first Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.
  5. "Cold Mountain" Zellweger's portrayal of the tough-as-nails farm hand Ruby Thewes in the civil war-era film "Cold Mountain" was a huge departure from any role she had played before, and so rounds out the list of the 5 best Renee Zellweger movies. She proved to be just as adept at drama as she had been at romantic comedies and took home both Oscar and Golden Globe statues.



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