5 Best Restaurant Websites: New York

Our 5 best restaurant websites for New York showcases the city's nicest restaurants. New York is one of the best places on the planet to dine. The next time you're looking for a great restaurant in New York, be sure to consult this list of the five best restaurant websites.

  1. "New York Magazine" A no-braine r for our number one spot, "New York Magazine" is a repository for New York attractions including nightlife and theater. They also have a massive directory of New York restaurants for every major neighborhood.
  2. MenuPages.com Another massive guide to tens of thousands of restaurants, MenuPages has an enviable database of almost 30,000 restaurants in eight major markets in New York. Their philosophy is "Before you go there, you come here." Translated: If you are looking to travel to a New York neighborhood and need to find good restaurants, check out their site first so you'll know just where to go.
  3. FriendsEat.com FriendsEat is a relatively new "foodie" website that serves to connect the "foodie" community. One revolutionary aspect of their site is the empowerment to have users rate individual items on New York menus! Featuring 13,000 restaurants, FriendsEat definitely secures a spot on our five best restaurant websites list.
  4. NY.Eater.com An authoritative blog covering all the hottest eating locales in New York–as well as other big cities in the United States–Eater goes in-depth, evaluating restaurants on a case by case basis. This professional blog also updates readers on all sorts of restaurant-related news such as updates on celebrity chef sightings.
  5. RestaurantGirl.com An upstart blog founded by a woman who's more in love with finding the perfect dish than the perfect man, RestaurantGirl's mission is to bravely guide people to the hottest menus in New York. The site also features a gourmet gossip section (How can you not expect this from a site called RestaurantGirl?) and a "best of" section.
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