5 Best Restaurants In Aurora, Ohio For A Date

If you are going out on a date, you want it to be special, which is why you should know the 5 best restaurants in Aurora, Ohio for a date.

  1. Cabin Restaurant. Picturesque views always captivate people. Combine that with great food and a romantic ambience, and you have good place for a date. The Cabin does just that. The rustic atmosphere is especially charming. They have outdoor seating where you and your date can have a delicious dinner while enjoying the view. The cuisine is Italian and seafood. Cabin Restaurant, 35 E Garfield Rd, Aurora, OH 44202-8801.
  2. Vito’s Italian Grill. For a date to be perfect you need perfect atmosphere, perfect service and perfect food. At Vito’s, you get all three at a reasonable price, and what more, you get live music as well. The Italian food is made from fresh ingredients and is really delicious. Vito's Italian Grill, 395 N Aurora Rd, Aurora, OH 44202-7808.
  3. Peking Garden. If you or your date has a taste for Chinese, this is the place to go. The food is really tasty and the service is good. Peking Garden, 1077 N Aurora Rd, Aurora, OH 44202-8733.
  4. Samurai Japanese Steak House. Delicious food, attentive staff and a quiet and simple atmosphere together make this place a great restaurant for a date. The cuisine is Japanese. Samurai Japanese Steak House, 7155 N Aurora Rd, Aurora, OH 44202-9602.
  5. Nick and Smitty’s Deli. For a casual date, you do not want to go somewhere too cozy but would prefer a warm and friendly place like this deli where you get good food. Even if the place looks plain at a glance, don’t be fooled. The food is tasty, and the service is also nice. The menu offers great variety. Nick and Smitty's Deli, 1021 N Aurora Rd, Aurora, OH 44202-8732.

Food, atmosphere and service combine to make these restaurants among the best restaurants in Aurora and places worth taking a date to.

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