5 Best Revolutionary War Movies

If you are a war history buff then you’ll enjoy these 5 best Revolutionary war movies. The Revolutionary war was between Great Britain and the thirteen original colonies during 1775-1783. While there were not many movies made about this particular war, these top 5 were outstanding. It was a wretched war full of treachery, family pain and fight for freedom.

  1. “The Patriot” (2000). Starring Mel Gibson centers around an ex-military man who fought in the French war then later became a farmer to get away from bloodshed. However once his son joins the war against Britain the farmer reluctantly joins the fight protect his son. Nominated for three Oscars this is the top of the 5 best revolutionary war movies ever made.
  2. Revolution” (1985). Starring Al Pacino this story also centers on a man who goes to war because of his son who’s drafted by the colonies. He looks for his son in battle but finds during the war he must take a stand to fight for freedom of the colonies.
  3. Johnny Tremain” (1957). A film adaptation of an award winning children’s novel this Revolutionary war motion picture is about a man who joins the “Sons of Liberty” a rebel group against the British army. The main character participates in two major battles and as well joins in on the infamous Boston Tea Party. This best five Revolutionary movie has it all going on!
  4. Drums along the Mohawk” (1939). Nominated for two Oscar head way back in time to dig up this little gem of a movie. This one is a storyl about newlyweds who settle in New York only to find themselves attacked by Indians who are backed by the British Empire. The man joins the war to fight against the Indians to save his family and future life with his new bride.
  5. 1776” (1972). Nominated for an Oscar this five best of the Revolutionary war movies was based on a Broadway musical. The storyline leads up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It includes historical character such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams. A must see war film even if it’s full of song.

These best 5 Revolutionary war movies had heart, strength of characters and honor for family and country. The young Americas fought for freedom and you can see part of their struggle within the tender moments of these films.

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