5 Best Ringtones For Your Girlfriend

Everyone has there ways of showing love towards their significant other; some use flowers, some use cards, and others use these 5 best ringtones for your girlfriend. Whatever style of music you are into, there is always one song that you can find that has its way of allowing you to relate the lyrics to your relationship. Hopefully one of these ringtones will have that very magical connection.

  1. "Find Your Love", Drake. This song is a lyrical masterpiece and would prove to be special between any couple. This song is truly fitting as one of the best ringtones for your girlfriend. 
  2. "Beautiful", IMX. This older group really poured their hearts out in this song. This song is letting that one special person know just how beautiful you find them to be. It is truly a special song to be cherished as a ringtone between two people who are in a loving relationship. 
  3. "Lost Without You", Robin Thicke. This song is the perfect fit for the list. This song is a passionate song that shows how much the deliverer needs that girl in his life, and how lost he truly is without her. Very deep and loving ringtone for that special someone. 
  4. "They Don't Know", Jon B. This older song is a great choice for a ringtone. This song's lyrics speak of how everyone else in society is trying to get into their relationship and say things to tear them apart; it is almost a plea for the love to stay strong and overcome all of the outside distraction due to them not really knowing their love. Great song of loyalty and love. 
  5. "Still On My Brain", Justin Timberlake. This song is all about how a guy can't get this one girl out of his thoughts. He is wanting her to know just how much he loves her and how it is still so true. This is a great selection for a girlfriend ringtone. 
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