5 Best River Kayaks

The top 5 best river kayaks provide unique features and kayaking experiences. Investing in a river kayak can dig quite a hole in yearly budgets. Therefore, making sure you know which are the best is of prime importance before making such an important investment.

  1. Fluid Nemesis Composite 2010: This kayak is lighter providing a smoother kayaking experience. It is also more rigid, thereby allowing bigger moves and greater speed. This is truly one of the 5 best river kayaks available.
  2. Necky Manitou II Tandem: This river kayak is both affordable and practical: it glides fluidly with great stability. It also provides exceptional comfort during the smooth ride. If that wasn't enough, this kayak has a back seat where you can have a second rider, or even a child if you purchase a jump seat.
  3. Incept Sally Inflatable Kayak: This kayak is exceedingly pricey. With the unique ability to be inflated (and thusly easily stored), this is one of the 5 best river kayaks available. With thigh straps and foot braces, it can also be rolled if desired.
  4. Mad River Adventure 14: This kayak is definitely among the top 5 best river kayaks on the market. Very affordable, this kayak is great for entry-level kayakers or those looking for a family kayak. The Mad River Adventure can seat up to 3 people and offers great performance and durability.
  5. Dagger Kayaks Mamba 8.0: The hull is easy to roll and the kayak makes clean reliable turns. This kayak is worth it's price with the excellent speed and unmatched stability. With its outfitting system, the paddler can have optimal performance and control while riding.
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