5 Best Rivers In America For Kayaking

If you are looking for a kayaking adventure, learn about the 5 best rivers in America for kayaking. The best rivers for kayaking are located throughout the United States, so regardless of where you live, you will be able to find a great place to kayak. These best rivers range in difficulty from Class I to Class IV rapids. Whether you are looking for scenery, a challenge or just a general good time, check out the 5 best rivers in America for kayaking before your next trip:

  1. Upper Iowa River. The Upper Iowa river is locater in northeastern Iowa. This best river for kayaking has been recognized in many outdoor magazines as one of the "best adventures". Many  kayakers enjoy the upper Iowa river for the scenery and not the adrenaline, since most rapids are only Class I. The cliffs are lined with limestone cliffs and it is not uncommon to spot a bald eagle or blue heron.  Some of the most popular passages for the upper Iowa river are 30 miles from Kendallville to Decorah. The upper Iowa river is the best kayaking river for beginners and kids.
  2. Clackamas River. Clackamas River is located just outside of Portland, Oregon near Mt. Hood National Forest. Clackamas river is the best kayaking river for experienced kayakers. Kayaking on the Clackamas river is possible year-round. The rapids range from class II to class IV. The most dangerous aspect about the Clackamas river is the Oregon weather. Rainfall can be unpredictable and turn a class III rapid into a class IV, for example. Killer Fang and June Creek are the most difficult class IV rapids on the river.
  3. Rio Grande. The Rio Grande is located on the border of New Mexico and extends almost 1900 miles.  The Rio Grande is the ideal kayaking river for kayakers of all abilities. If you are so inclined, there are runs, such as the Box Canyon which touts Class III and Class IV rapids. If you are just looking for fishing with some intermittent class II rapids, stick to the runs after Hogback mountain. 
  4. Trinity River. Located in northwest California, Trinity River flows for approximately 130 miles. Many parts of the Trinity river are untouched and pristine. The Trinity river is the best kayaking river for intermediate kayakers wanting a day or overnight kayak trip.  Most rapids in the Trinity river range from class II to III+. There are also many camp grounds and motels along or not far from the river.
  5. Yellowstone River. The Yellowstone river is located in Montana. Many Kayakers use inflatable kayaks to float most stretches of the Yellowstone river. You can not float in the Mountains of Yellowstone Park, you must begin in Gardiner. Most of the rapids are class II with some class III rapids in the Yankee Jim Canyon. Yellowstone river is the best kayaking river for its scenery and family accessible waters. The best time to go kayaking on the Yellowstone river is in August. After August the waters can become higher which causes larger rapids.
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