5 Best Road Bike Racing Wheels

Before talking about the 5 best road bike racing wheels, in case you’re not exactly sure what road bike racing is, think “Tour de France”. This, of course, is the longer version of road bike racing; there are shorter events, but at least now you know what we’re talking about.

And, since a different type of bicycle is used in road bike racing, so too, are the wheels. So, with that in mind, here are some types of bike racing wheels, chosen because they can be considered the best.

  1. Rolf Prima: These road bike racing wheels are hand-built, not machine built. In addition, road bike racing enthusiasts can choose from 16-spoke or 32-spoke wheels without having to sacrifice quality of operation.

  2. DT Swiss Hugi: One particular type of the road bike racing wheels made by DT Swiss (this is the company, Hugi is a brand manufactured by DT Swiss) are made of carbon components, which are preferred by many bike racing participants. They also offer other types of wheels, giving the purchaser a wider selection and choice.

  3. Shimano: This Company provides wheels that can be used both for “hard-core” road bike racing and also for training purposes. The ones used for training purposes are just as good, but are a little cheaper in price. This allows beginning racers to be able to enjoy the sport while still being able to budget for the high-performance wheels they will need later on.

  4. Sprint: The rims and some other components on these road bike racing wheels are made from lightweight aluminum. This makes them suitable for both road bike racing and regular bicycle use.

  5. Mavic: This Company offers a wide selection of road bike racing wheels. These include wheels which have been manufactured for better aerodynamic performance as well as those which are considered multi-performance.

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