5 Best Off Road Motocross Bikes

If you're looking for one of the 5 best off road motocross bikes, Honda and Yamaha have been front runners for decades. With the addition of companies like KTM and Suzuki, bikes and features have been taken to a new level. You can find the motocross bike perfect for you no matter what your needs or skill level are. 

  1. 2011 Yahama YZ125. Though only a two stroke engine, this bike is fun to ride and encourages more rider interaction to compete with four stroke engines. Yahama has continued to be a big supporter of two stroke engines even when other manufacturers were fazing them out as four strokes became more powerful and popular in some divisions. This model sports a silencer taking the decibels down to 96db. The quieter bike doesn't hurt the power and actually works to increase it with the changes made to the jetting set up. The 2011 Yahama YZ125 gives you the option to max out its 125 two stroke engine, while this is difficult to do with a four stroke because the power is engaged at such a low level most riders can't handle the bike full throttle. This bike is also extremely light, which gives it more speed through corners and allows it to zip down straights. This is also a great bike for youth stepping up from a mini-bike. MSRP $6,250
  2. 2011 KTM 450SX-F. This bike has been changed dramatically by the addition of linkage. A power difference is brought to the 450  by a new intake and muffler design. With the addition of the 5-speed on the 2010 model, this bike is fun to ride and the power is incredible. While powerful four stroke engines can make an off road bike a bit intimidating, this bike has none of that intimidation. The linkage changes gives the bike a lower, slimmer stance, but still offers the knee and foot grip you need to keep it under control. MSRP $8,799
  3. 2011 Kawasaki KX450F. This Kawasaki finally lives up to all the awards the 2009 model brought in. Rider friendly and already bringing in podium wins, the 2011 model brings some major changes to the table. A new muffler, piston, ECU and shifting mechanism all bring some power and handling changes. This model gains a great advantage over the 2010 model with better suspension and a slightly quieter, clearer sound. While the seat foam increased comfort and the sides of the cover gives added traction, the seat is still tough on the underside for longer races and rides. Though no major changes have been made, as in other 2011 off road bike models, this bike offers a great power and advantage at the gate. MSRP $8,149
  4. 2011 Suzuki RM-Z450. Suzuki took their time with this bike and though it first seems their focus was on taking down the sound a notch (94 db to be exact), they didn't lose power at all. In fact, with a intake, ECU, exhaust system, exhaust cam profile and compression update, this bike packs a punch. But, Suzuki didn't stop there, they also added durability by changing the cylinder design, main bearings and injector. Easy to change EFI settings allow you to go from the dirt to the sand and other track conditions with a quick change of a plug. MSRP $8,149
  5. 2011 Husaberg FE450. Husaberg started as a Swedish company focused only on four stroke bikes specializing in Euro racing. While, they still rock a good race bike, they've brought this model into new territory by building it to handle forest and other off road riding. They uniquely place the engine at a 70 degree angle to offer a better sense of mass balance and control. The big change with this bike is the fork that allows you to change the settings to customize your riding experience. While the bike feels a little weighty with the engine off, the weight doesn't become a factor when riding. The brake system is incredibly durable and built to last. The Husaberg has really come into its own and this bike proves why. This bike is amazing on trail rides and the more you ride it, the better it feels. MSRP $9.499
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