5 Best Road Tires For Mountain Bikes

The 5 best road tires for mountain bikes are those tires that enable you to achieve greater performance and cycle longer on your trusty mountain bike. They are of a good quality, usually made by a known, reliable manufacturer of road tires, and also priced reasonably so that you can afford even replacement tires. Having the right kind of tires for your mountain bike is fundamental.

  1. Kenda Street K40 Road Tire. This road tire for mountain bikes from Kenda takes the number one spot because of functionality as well as good pricing. For a relatively low price, you get a real road tire that easily fits into the rims of most any mountain bike. The next time you want your mountain bike to ride like a regular road bike, but don't have the money or desire to actually buy a road bike, just slap on Kenda's tires.
  2. Continental Sport Contact Road Tire. The Continental Sport Contact Road Tire is something that will help turn your regular mountain bike into a high-speed street bike. It deserves the number two position because of its very smooth tread that features a low-rolling resistance and the greatest corner traction possible.
  3. Sweetskin Z Bike Tire With Mountain Bike Front and Rear Tread. This road tire is pretty sizable at 26 inches, and it also features something very unconventional as far as street tires go: It has color patterns and graphics that also double as nighttime reflectors! This radical approach to road tires is what places the Sweetskin Z Bike Tire at number three.
  4. Michelin XC Road Tire. The Michelin XC Road Tire is equipped with supple casing, light weight properties, and quite slick tread, all of which help your mountain bike perform more like a street and road bike. It takes the four spot because of the reactive braking and cornering ability that are established by way of its soft rubber mix material.
  5. Michelin Wild Run'r 26" x 1.4 MTB/Road Wire Beal All Black Tire. If you want to turn your mountain bike into something resembling a road machine that you can cruise all over the streets, then the Michelin Wild Run'r is a good place to start. Because of its large size, it will provide a comfortable ride due to its greater air volume that it can handle.
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