5 Best ‘Rob And Big’ Season 1 Moments

Reaching over 70 million total viewers, the 5 Best "Rob and Big" season 1 moments is full of reality TV gold. The show "Rob and Big" was a MTV reality show detailing the adventures of pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek and his bodyguard Christopher “Big Black” Boykin. The show premiered on November 4, 2006. During it’s first season it was ranked #1 in it’s time slot.  

  1. "Big's Wreak on Go Skateboard Day" The second episode of the show is probably professional skateboarder Rob’s favorite holiday. Through out the day Rob tried to convince Big to try dropping in on a ramp. Big knows that gravity will not be his friend during this misadventure but being the sport that he is, Big gives it a try. His fall is one of the best moments of season 1.
  2. "Rob jumps on Big in the Tent" The first episode was full of great moment, but my favorite has to be Rob’s wake up call for Big when he had to sleep in the tent. Rob and Big had made a bet the day before that if Big couldn’t run for 5 minutes he’d go sleep in the tent outside. Big made it to almost 2 minutes. Being the trooper he if, Big slept in the tent. The next morning Rob decides to climb up on the wall and jump on the tent with Big in it. One of the best moment of the whole show.
  3. "Rob and Big meet Meaty" The guys decided in episode one that they needed to expand their little family. Their answer was a bulldog. In true Hollywood fashion they hop on a private jet and go to Arizona to get their puppy. It was love at first sight and Meaty became a central character on the show.
  4. "Rob and Big’s trip to the Hypnotist" In episode four, Rob decides to help Big lose weight. While the whole episode was full of great moments, the best moment by far was Rob and Big’s nap or I mean trip to the hypnotist. A shot of the clock shows that the two were in the hypnotist office for close to two hours and most of which they where asleep. Big goes to sleep almost instantly after his eyes are closed. The hypnotist tries to get him to repeat a phrase but there is no response. Then the guy tries to get Big more responsive by moving his bottom lip. Still nothing from Big so the hypnotist gives up and just starts telling stories. Rob consumed by boredom got his nap on too. A great reality TV moment and some much needed rest for the pair.
  5. "Blind Date Phone Call" So after a dog whisperer explains that Meaty’s behavioral problems is due to the fact he needs a mother figure around. Rob and Big put their puppy’s interest first and go to a match maker. The blind date is set and Rob makes the ever important first phone call. The guys know its over when the girl mentions her and her friend (Big’s date for the night) sing in a punk-metal band. The girl just starts talking and won’t stop. Rob puts the phone on speaker, throws it on the couch and leaves the room. Big is left interjecting “Say what.” Every minute or so.  The girl never stops her rambling, so she never notices.
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