5 Best ‘Rob And Big’ Season 2 Moments

The list of the five best "Rob and Big" season two moments is one full of fond TV memories for the show’s fans. "Rob and Big" was an MTV reality show detailing the adventures of pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek and his bodyguard Christopher “Big Black” Boykin. The second season premiered in 2007 and ran for eight episodes. Season two had many highlights and even new members to the cast.  

  1. Mini Horse joins the family. The first episode of season two kicked off with Rob deciding Meaty (his pet bulldog) needed a friend. The Hollywood dog couldn’t just have any friend though. Rob and Big went to a Mini Horse range. While viewers where laughing on their couches, Rob was falling in love with Mini Horse. The highlight of this moment was when they loaded up the miniature horse in the back seat of the SUV right next to Big. What followed had to be the longest ride home ever for the pair. Mini Horse not only went to the bathroom in the car but he succeeded with kicking Big several times. Fans were hooked on Mini Horse moments from then on.
  2. There is a phone call with Steven Gibbs. In the second episode of season two, Rob reveals to Big that he has a time machine that he purchased from Chrononaut (time traveler) Steven Gibbs. Rob, of course, has been unsuccessful at time travel so far. He decides to call Mr. Gibbs. It is one of the best phone calls on reality TV!  Mr. Gibbs is confused and yells. He ends the conversation with “So uh, well I better let you go. Okay, I don’t like talking to aliens. Bye.”
  3. Drama gets a real job. In the twelfth episode, Rob becomes unhappy with his assistant Drama’s work. He makes numerous threats to get Drama to shape up and even interviews a professional assistant. Nothing seems to motivate Drama so Rob sends him to work at a fast food place for the day. Drama is miserable scrubbing tables and just when you know he is missing the high life, Rob and Big roll through the drive through. They see Drama has learned what a good job he has and Rob instructs him to climb through the drive thru window and get in the SUV. Drama does and it’s the way so many people wish they could quit their jobs.
  4. Black Lavender comes out of retirement. In the episode known as “Strip Show” Big reveals that he used to be a stripper known as Black Lavender back when he was younger and had hair. Rob decides to support Big’s one time return to stripping by getting him not only new hair but even a dance instructor. The night of the show, Big was nervous. So being the friend that Rob is, he offers his socks to give that extra edge. Black Lavender’s strip club performance is one that viewer will never forget.
  5. Bobby Light. Fans of the show can’t forget Rob’s 80's R&B alter-ego Bobby Light. The crew created the character for the purpose of doing the video Dirty Girl. Big’s Uncle Jerry was also visiting for the trip and was in the video. Bobby Light had other ‘Rob and Big’ moments but his video of Dirty Girl was his first.
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