5 Best Robin Givens Movies

Not known for being a serious actress, most of the 5 best Robin Givens movies did not do well in theaters. She does, however, have the ability to pull you into her personal life with her different relationships, including the infamous Mike Tyson affair. She and Tyson were guests on the Barbara Walters show and she lamb basted Tyson at every turn on nationwide television. She also was known to be linked with Brad Pitt, Eddie Murphy and even Howard Stern. Givens has had a roller coaster acting career and personal life, but she seemed to stay out of trouble long enough to let her career fade into obscurity.

  1. "The Women of Brewster Place" This 1989 miniseries was one of Robin Givens' best movies. It was supported by seven short stories based around six individuals. Oprah Winfrey, in 1990, ran an ongoing series based on both the book from Gloria Naylor and the miniseries.
  2. "Boomerang" In this 1992 Comedy, Robin Givens plays Jacqueline in one of her biggest roles and best movies. Jacqueline uses Eddie Murphy's character, as he has used other women, to get what she wants. Givens is seen in her bra and panties in the movie, which attracted male viewers at the time.
  3. "The Family That Preys" Written by the unfunny and untalented Tyler Perry, this film features Robin Givens as Abigail “Abby” Dexter. Despite Perry's involvement, this 2008 drama is one of the 5 best Robin Givens movies. The premise is two families, one working class, the other wealthy, with intertwining stories throughout.
  4. "Blankman" Robin Givens stars as Kimberly Jonz in this 1994 superhero comedy. She plays a snooping newswoman who helps elevate the fame of Blankman (Darryl Walker). While not a huge success, this is still one of the 5 best Robin Givens movies out there.
  5. "A Rage in Harlem" Bill Duke directs this well-acted 1991 film that stars Robin Givens as Imabelle. Imabelle steals gold from her gangster lover after a shoot-out, unaware that they are hot on her trail. This is one of Robin Givens' best movies in overall acting and action. Forest Whitaker, Gregory Hines and Danny Glover round out this all-star cast.
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