5 Best Robin Tunney Movies

The five best Robin Tunney movies cover an eclectic and diverse body of work for the actress. Currently, Robin Tunney is one of the leads in the CBS TV show, "The Mentalist." Some of her best known work in the film industry include "The Craft," "Terminal Velocity" and "End of Days."

  1. "The Craft." A movie that has likely pigeonholed Robin Tunney to some degree, "The Craft" tells the tale of four high-schoolers who start messing around with witchcraft. The film was nominated for a best fight scene award at the MTV Movie Awards.
  2. "Niagara, Niagara." This independent, small movie got her a Volpi Cup award for best female actress. In the film, Robin Tunney stars as a young woman who is enduring Tourette's Syndrome and journeys to Canada, all the while keeping the company of a stranger.
  3. "End of Days." This movie is where Gabriel Byrne plays Satan himself, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is a retired policeman who sets out to stop him. Robin Tunney plays the young woman who needs Schwarzenegger's saving intervention from Satan's design. The movie was Robin Tunney's biggest financial success, raking in more than $200 million worldwide.
  4. "Vertical Limit." In this film, Robin Tunney plays a woman mountain climber who attempts to climb K2, the world's second highest mountain. However, the expedition does not go as planned, and by the movie's end, Tunney's character needs medical attention and is barely clinging on to life.
  5. "Encino Man." This is so campy a movie that it is now considered a classic among those who have an acquired taste. "Encino Man" was Robin Tunney's first major motion picture role. She plays Ella who wants to get with the Encino Man, but learns that he has sworn off all women except for his true love.
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