5 Best Robin Williams Movies

With so many films under his belt, it is hard to narrow down the 5 best Robin Williams movies. Robin Williams is often hailed as a comedic genius who's improvisational skills and outrageous stand up routines are among the best in the industry. As well as being one of the comedy greats Robin Williams is also a gifted actor whose wide array of roles have shown his versatility at playing complex and deep characters. From inspirational teachers to sinister killers, Robin Williams has continued to push boundaries as an actor, refusing to be defined as merely a comedian who makes films.

  1. "Dead Poets Society". One of Robin Williams' most inspired roles. He plays an English teacher who encourages the students at the all boys private school where works, to seize the day and pursue their dreams. The film is packed with a stellar cast of established and new up and coming actors, the story is a powerful one of triumph over adversity and tragedy.
  2. "Mrs. Doubtfire". A successful family film sees Robin Williams doing what he does best. Creating a character and getting the audience to fall in love with them. The story of a single dad trying to spend time with his kids by disguising himself as their nanny, this is a heartwarming tale with some strong interplay between Robin Williams and Sally Fields, who plays his ex -wife.
  3. "Good Will Hunting". A powerhouse performance from Robin Williams as Will Hunting's therapist. This Oscar winning film features some of the actors greatest moments as he helps the troubled protagonist make sense of his life.
  4. "Good Morning Vietnam". Wild, untamed and utterly unmatched. No one else could have played the character of Army Radio DJ Adrian Cronauer with such conviction. Based upon the real life experiences of the radio DJ during the Vietnam War, Good Morning Vietnam shows why Robin Williams is regarded as one of the comedy greats.
  5. "Insomnia". Cast against type, Robin Williams plays a killer being pursued by Al Pacino's grizzled detective. Set in Alaska the film is taut and atmospheric. Another fine performance from Robin Williams who is suitably creepy as the killer and holds his own against one of Hollywood's most celebrated actors, Al Pacino.



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