5 Best Robot Sex Dolls

Do you want to know what are the 5 best robot sex dolls? If so, then you have come to the right place. Robot sex dolls are fun and easy to use for the inexperienced person. The problem is, not all robot sex dolls are created equal, so here is a chance to weed out the not so good ones and learn which ones are the best of the best. So, the next time you go looking for a robot sex doll, choose one of these:

  1. Roxxxy Sex Robot. Roxxxy Sex Robot is the world's first robot sex doll. It would be great to have a classic laying around for all of your friends to envy. This robot sex doll is said to be able to chat with you. She is made of rubber, has almond lipstick, is dark-haired and is 5 foot seven. She can sense when she is being maneuvered and she responds accordingly. She is not only a doll, she is a girl with brains! She also weighs 120 pounds.
  2. Akira Nakayasu. Akira Nakayasu has up to three personalities. She can be quite reserved and outgoing, aggressive, or shy. She is a doll from Tokyo. She has dark medium-length hair and red lipstick and is 5 foot three. She also has the ability to speak Chinese to you while you are fondling with Akira. She is known as the first Asian robot sex doll.
  3. Andy the Android Sex Doll. Andy is a blonde with peach lipstick. She wears a necklace around her neck to give her a more personal appearance. She has a 34C cup breast and is petite. She is equipped with a heavy breathing setting that senses when the man's rhythm changes. Andy has a G-Spot as well. Currently, Andy has received over four million dollars in sales.
  4. Aly The Robot Sex Doll. Aly has the type of wild and crazy personality. She has purple hair and red lipstick, and she is equipped with a choker on her neck. This robot sex doll is manufactured by Matt McMullen. This doll also has a necklace to personalize herself. She comes with a scream and moan function that is sure to bring the owner to multiple climaxes.
  5. Andy The Robot Sex Doll. Andy is a blonde with wavy hair. She is said to be able to eliminate the need for a real girlfriend for men. She does everything a real woman would do and more without any smack talk. She is very feminine in the face and has a breathing function. She is manufactured by the First Androids company. This doll does not converse.
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