5 Best Rock Climbing Gifts

The 5 best rock climbing gifts for an enthusiast does not need to cost an arm and a leg. Rock climbing is a serious and dangerous sport where safety is the key. Top quality harnesses, ropes, shoes, carabiners and other gear lowers the chances of accidents and can save your life or someone you care about.

  1. Metolius Safe-Tech Harness. This rockclimbing harness line is available in five models and designed for maximum safety and strength. It has safety measures so you know if the rope is either incorrectly tied or not double passed.
  2. Petzl Altios Helmet. This is a very lightweight helmet with a wicking mesh panel and air vents with a Climate Control System for those hot days on the rock. Easy to use and molds to your head in time. Most of all, it is made of durable material to protect your head in case you fall.
  3. Mammut Smart Belay Device. This is a great device if you rockclimb with a partner for safety reasons. The Mammut belay is designed for indoor and outdoor rockclimbing and boasts of an auto-lock in case of an accidental fall.
  4. Metolius Monster Ropes. This is a safe, lightweight rope meant for serious rockclimbing. It can be used on alpine rocks, free walls, sport climbing and other types. It comes in 9.8mm and 10.2mm diameters and chemically treated to repel water and keep it dry under wet conditions.
  5. Evolv Optimus Prime. Rockclimbing shoes are meant to fit like a glove for maximum grip and comfort is never on the list. Evolv’s slip-on shoe has a rounded toe box with deep heel cups and designed for steep face climbing.
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