5 Best Rock Love Songs 2008

It’s quite a challenge to name the top 5 best rock love songs of 2008, no matter what kind of music grooves you. Many genius rock bands became famous in the late 2000s, but in essence, musical gratification is a personal thing. In basic terms, musical taste lies in whatever triggers a pleasurable stimulation in your brain and expresses what gestures and words cannot. Its predominant power is a divine language that communicates to your soul. It’s infinite and transcends our verbal language limitations, just like Pink Floyd still transcends age barriers. Pretty cool, right? Therefore, although it’s impossible to name the five best rock love songs 2008 has given us- given the fact that everyone’s rock preferences are so varied; we humbly attempt this momentous endeavor anyway, in no particular order.

  1. “Believe (in me)” by Staind. Back in the late '90s these Massachusetts maestros led the pack with hits such as “Dysfunction” and “Mudshovel,” but they lost ground with a lot of their fans until bassist Johnny April, lead guitarist Mike Mushok, drummer Jon Wysocki and front man Aaron Lewis poured themselves into this best rock love song 2008. This heartfelt ballad firmly places them back to where they belong…chasing dreams and thinking of her while trying to achieve these dreams. It reminds us “sometimes the weak become the strong.” They have sus-staind, and yet again, we believe.
  2. “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. Overplayed it was, and scoff if you like; but for over 76 weeks, this little number topped the Top 40 contemporary charts, coming in second only to LeAnn Rime’s 1998 song, “How Do I Live.” Unless you had suicide bubbling on the brain, very few could help smiling when it came on. Yes, it is that happy. Even the hardest death thrasher cannot help singing along with the catchy overlapping chorus and bridge in the end. We would be remiss if this positive song was not included in the top five best rock love songs 2008.
  3. “Somebody Will Miss You” by Stone Parade. If given the opportunity, this exciting young Aussie band has worldwide, huge potential. They market themselves as indie rock-alternative, but you can hear traces of Nirvana, The Killers, as well as Led Zeppelin. Greg Byrne’s edgy vocals are just one reason this haunting top five best rock love song 2008 won in its category at the International Songwriting Competition. Watch for them; they are not to be ignored.
  4. “Hey There Delilah” by Plain White T’s. Until this simple, yet magical rock love song hit, was nominated for a Grammy and charted high internationally, this little band from Illinois mainly gigged in underground bars and basements in Chicago. This song may be a tad too “poppy” for some, but the truly perceptive men among us realize the power it has over most women. Played or sung, it does not matter-same results. Seriously.
  5. “Inside the Fire” by Disturbed. Just in case you thought we believe only ballads can be a top five best rock love songs 2008, we threw this one in just to trip you up. It’s important to note that while we wish singer David Draiman would lose the demonic banshee laugh shtick; this single off the “Indestructible” album hit large-despite his gimmicks. It’s an ideal combination of thrash metal and solid rock that strikes without mercy; however, Draiman’s tongue practically drips acid as he painfully laments his lost love that has committed suicide. Demented? Sure. Effective? Definitely. Anguish is a motha.

There will always be varying opinions on which decade in rock was the best; after all, there are many things to factor in, such as which generation you came up in, not to mention taste; but as long as we live, Neil Young said it best…"hey, hey, my, my, rock and roll will never die.”

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