5 Best Rods For Fly Fishing

Anyone serious about fly fishing will want to take a look at the 5 best rods for fly fishing. These rods will make any fisher feel proud for just owning one, and the knowledge that it will never let him down.

  1. Roaringriver GLX Switch. Perfectly designed for catching trout and salmon. The eleven-foot rod will allow for a longer cast, and the adjustable weight can be used to suit anyone's preferences.

  2. Reserve Power. This fly fishing rod has an extra long cast, and its control is so good that it can even be used on the windiest days. Typically used as a two-handed rod, it comes in different weight for those who prefer to use only one.

  3. Orvis' ZG Helios. This rod was named the 'best of the best' fly fishing rods by "Field & Stream" magazine for the last two years. It's almost magical how this rod feels much lighter than it actually is. A five weight magically turns into a three weight, and a ten into an eight.

  4. Classic Trout. This rod was made for the more traditional anglers. So versatile they can be used in even the smallest streams, and strong enough to withstand the fiercest river. This fly fishing rod has won numerous awards as one of the most versatile of the rods.

  5. 10 Foot Sticks Redington. One of the lighter rods manufactured by Redington. Designed for nymphing and dries for large trout. Wide swings and anglers will love this piece of art. Fly fishing will be a breeze with this rod.



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