5 Best Roller Hockey Drills

The 5 best roller hockey drills are all designed to improve the play of each player and ultimately the entire team. The game is very similar to ice hockey, only without the ice. The game is played on in-line skates or traditional quad-skates. The pace is a bit slower, but many of the moves are still fast-paced and dangerous. Always take into consideration the age and skill levels of players prior to planning any drills for practice. Some drills will be out of range for beginners.

  1. The Race. One of the best roller hockey drills is the simplistic race. Speed is a big part of the game. The faster the players, the more advantage they have for moving the puck down the court and beating out their opponent. Line up the players along one end of the court and have them skate to the opposite end as fast as possible. The winner of the first heat gets to go sit down. The rest of the group races back. The winner of the second heat then goes to sit down. The drill continues until there are only two players left. This drill lets you identify who your slow or lazy players are while encouraging the team to improve their speed.
  2. Cross-over. On the list of best roller hockey drills, the cross-over is a winner. The drill is run by having two players start on opposite sides of the court on the same end sharing a puck. They zig-zag back and forth across the court from side-to-side, passing the puck back and forth as their paths meet.
  3. Slap-shot. One of the best best roller hockey drills to improve shooting is simply letting them line up in front of the goal and throwing them pucks to hit into the goalie net. The goalie of the team will get extreme practice during this drill.
  4. Dodge Puck. This fun activity makes the list of best roller hockey drills. Divide the team in two and line them up on opposite sides of the court. Throw out several pucks. The team smacks the pucks to teammates on the opposite side of the court. Anyone who cannot return the puck is out.
  5. Stop/Start. The final entry on the list of best roller hockey drills is a simple whistle driven activity. Line up the players at one end of the court and have them begin skating. When the whistle blows, they have to stop short. On a second whistle, they start again. This will help improve their agility.
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