5 Best Romance RPG Games For Girls

If you're looking for a game for the ladies, then you should try the 5 best romance RPG games for girls. These accessible role-playing games pack plenty of heart-felt proclamations and tear-filled moments to satisfy the women in your life, and they happen to be pretty decent games. If she doesn't want to play any machismo-filled shooters, let her sit back and enjoy the story in these best romance RPG games for girls.

  1. "Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door" With its tongue and cheek humor, colorful art style, and general air of cuteness, this is one of the best romance RPG games for girls. Besides the obvious plot of love between Mario and Princess Peach, the side story between Peach and the maniacal computer TEC-XX is much more interesting. The computer system, which is supposed to be holding Princes Peach hostage, becomes completely smitten with its prisoner, going so far as to spy on her in the shower and later ask her to dance. It's both heartwarming and creepy at the same time, with enough pejorative references to nerd culture to make anyone's sides hurt with laughter.
  2. "Final Fantasy VIII" After the dystrophic cityscapes and railroad-spiked hair of "Final Fantasy VII," gamers were looking for something else. Along came "Final Fantasy VIII," with one of the most romantic plots we've ever seen in an RPG game. Squall is part of an elite military unit who crosses paths with Rinoa, an upbeat if not slightly idealistic leader of a small-arms rebellion. The two follow each other, and their team mates, through a brightly-colored world that definitely sets itself apart in terms of a generally happier atmosphere. The ladies will love this and the sweet reunions that Squall and Rinoa keep having with one another as they go on a journey to save the world, and discover their feelings for one another. 
  3. "Fable 2" While not outwardly lovey-dovey, Fable 2 is definitely one of the most progressive romance RPGs for girls. Finally, players can take control of a female protagonist, who must balance her family life along with saving the world of Albion. Characters can get married, carry children, and have entire families wait for them at home while they're off slaying cave trolls. By giving a more realistic look into the normal lives of adventurers in the time of swords and sorcery, Fable 2 earns its spot as one of the best romance RPG games for girls.
  4. "Final Fantasy X" Forget that the voice acting is some of the worst in gaming history, but instead realize that this may well be one of the most accessible "Final Fantasy" games yet. Straying off the beaten path is nearly impossible thanks to the story's ability to guide players through the major areas, and the characters are all light-hearted enough so that even RPG game newbies will feel like they've got a full grasp on the story. Furthermore, the bittersweet love between Tidus and Yuna remains one of the best couplings in franchise history, especially considering the game's ending. The emphasis on the characters' relationship with one another makes this one of the best romance RPG games for girls.
  5. "Kingdom Hearts" This mixture of the most popular Sqaure-Enix and Disney characters is easily one of the best romance RPG games for girls. The tone of the game is light throughout the procession of the story, in which you follow star-crossed lovers Sora and Kairi as they try to find each other when their home island is taken from them by demons called The Heartless. The Disney characters add an overall nostalgic tone to the entire experience, but that's not to say the story is hackneyed in any sense of the word. The plot is as original as it is engaging, making this romantic RPG a definite keeper.
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