5 Best Romantic Sex Games

If you're looking for the 5 best romantic sex games that will spice up your sex life, then you may the sexual adventure you are seeking here. Sex is a significant aspect of a romantic relationship, it's not the most important, but the physical expression of your feelings for each other does have an affect on your bond. After some time, the sexual aspect may need something new and refreshing spin on it, just to spice it up a bit and give it a whole new angle. That's where romantic sex games comes in—because you know, repetition is boring.

  1. Strangers In The Night. Now here's a fun and unusual  one. This requires for you and your partner to act as if you do not know each other at all. The both of you plan to meet a certain place, like a bar or a lounge for instance, and play off the night as if you're meeting for the first time ever. You may even choose to end it with a one night stand if you desire.
  2. Chastity Belt Roulette. This form of orgasmic tease and denial could really be done without an actual chastity belt, assuming you have the dedication to do so. However, if not, this spicy sex game involves the woman placing her man in a chastity belt until she says he can be released—the amount of time is at her discretion, it can be a few days to one month. Of course, she will have to make sure he isn't uncomfortable and that his hygiene is taken care of in the process.
  3. Yummy Edibles. For those of you who wish to give your lips, mouth, and tongue a good workout, this sex game will most likely suit your fancy. Buy some edible type of body frosting, place it everywhere on your partner or wherever you desire and sensually lick it all off. You can get these body frostings just about at any sex boutique or site and they come in a variety of flavors ranging from chocolate, raspberry, to strawberry and beyond.
  4. Role-playing. This sex game is sort of similar to the first one because it involves some acting to a certain extent but it's more open-ended. Instead of playing yourselves, play different roles and participate in an erotic fantasy—the secretary and the boss, the cop and the criminal, the kidnapper and the hostage, the list is endless. 
  5. Bondage and Domination. Who wouldn't want to add a little bit of bondage and domination to their private bedroom activities? You and your partner can take turns blindfolding and tying each other to the bed and then have you way. Your partner is bound (so to speak) to enjoy the combined feeling of helplessness and pleasure.
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