5 Best Rosario Dawson Movies

This list of the 5 best Rosario Dawson movies will likely change because this fine young actress has a great future in front of her. In her career, she has most likely been seen in thrilling crime scenes. But she also excels in these 5 best Rosario Dawson movies.

  1. A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (2006). This 5 best Rosario Dawson movie role finds the actress sweating it up in the hot summer city.
  2. Clerks II (2006). Granted, Clerks II was not nearly as good as the original Kevin Smith-directed film. But Dawson gets to mix it up with Jason Lee and Ben Affleck, and all their East Coast lovable losers.
  3. Deathproof (2007). Quentin Tarantino presented this one, so you know you're getting lost of sex and violence. Adapted from a crime novel by the great Elmore Leonard, Dawson, in one of her 5 best movies, is thrown into a scenario involving a scary stunt man with a thing for pretty young girls. Dawson gets to also act alongside Mickey Rourke, Diane Lane and, well, Johnny Knoxville.
  4. Killshot (2007). Directed by John Madden, and also based on an Elmore Leonard novel, this film features a beaty and an ironworker, who are put in the Federal Witness protection program after seeing a crime they probably wish they would have missed. Little do they know, however, that even though they think they're out of the woods, an professional hit man is after them.
  5. Descent (2007). In this 5 best Rosario Dawson movies, Dawson is a queen of the thriller because "Descent" also finds her in revenge mode. In this one, she's a college student set on getting back at some one that's wronged her.
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