5 Best Rose Byrne Movies

The five best Rose Byrne movies prove to be an excellent platform for an amazingly talented actress. Hailing from Australia, Byrne has gotten the attention of audiences worldwide with these roles and will no doubt continue to do so in the future.

  1. “28 Weeks Later” Her first collaboration with Danny Boyle, Byrne is Scarlet, a Major in the military who is an expert in the virus that has zombified most of England. Byrne does a good job portraying her character’s fear and experienced leadership in equal measure. The scariest of the Rose Byrne movies, “28 Weeks Later” is a worthy sequel to the 2002 breakout hit “28 Days Later.”
  2. “Sunshine” “Sunshine” was the second Rose Byrne movie directed by Danny Boyle and is one of her best. Byrne is Cassie, the pilot of the spacecraft that holds a team of astronauts and scientists responsible for reviving the dying sun with a nuclear bomb. Cassie is one of the more emotional members of the crew and Byrne plays her with great nuance and poise.
  3. “The Dead Girl”  As Leah in this movie, Byrne is a morgue worker who has a fascination with forensics. This experience comes into play when she believes that a new corpse is the body of her dead sister. The drama of Byrne’s role is accentuated by the insistence of Leah’s mother that her sister is still alive. A great independent film, Byrne is a charismatic presence in the movie and will have you rooting for her.
  4. “Wicker Park”  In this Rose Byrne movie, Byrne plays Alex, a woman obsessed with Matt (Josh Hartnett), who happens to be the boyfriend of her roommate Lisa (Diane Kruger). Byrne does a fantastic job as the mentally unstable woman who seeks to sabotage their relationship and keep Matt for herself. Byrne’s underplayed intensity and desperation make this psychological drama worth watching.
  5. “The Rage in Placid Lake” The quirkiest, oddest, and best Rose Byrne movie, Byrne plays an off-the-wall genius named Gemma who tries to convince her hippie friend, Placid Lake, to give up his newfound capitalist ambitions and return to his Bohemian ways. Oh, and she eats crayons, so she knows a little something about how not to go with the crowd. Nominated for several Australian film awards, Byrne does this oddball role so well you wonder if she’s not like that in real life.
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