5 Best Rose McGowan Movies

Get lost in a world of fear and sexines- with our 5 best Rose McGowan movies. Although she may be best known these days as Marilyn Manson's ex-girlfriend-something we have barely managed to forgive her for- she is actually a very talented actress. Rose McGowan has built career playing the sultry, sexy mean girl; somewhere in between sex siren and cold blooded killer. Lately Rose McGowan has added some action films to her resume, making us very happy. Because the world doesn't have nearly enough sexy action chicks.

  1. "Grindhouse Presents: Planet Terror" (2007) There is something scary and hot about this Rose McGowan movie. We think it has something to do with the machine gun leg.
  2. "Jawbreaker" (1999) Normally teen movies about catty girls make us want to be sick with boredom. But when they include death by candy and Rose McGowan showing so much leg, then we have something that we can get into.
  3. "The Doom Generation" (1996) Rose McGowan has always been hot, but as Amy Blue she has a dangerous streak to her that makes her even hotter.
  4. ":Devil in the Flesh" (1998) The concept of the sexy young woman who kills to get what she wants isn't a new thing in Hollywood. But when that sexy young woman is Rose McGowan, the sexiness factor raises to ten, and so does the creepiness factor.
  5. "Phantoms" (1998) Based on a Dean Kootnz novel, this movie was Rose McGowan's first foray into the world of horror. Luckily for us it would not be her last. She also has the distinction of being the only person alive that can make a Dean Kootnz story good.

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