5 Best Rossignol Telemark Skis

If you are looking for Telemark skiing gear, you should learn about the 5 best Rossignol Telemark skis. Rossignol makes most of their Telemark skis using a special "weight reduction" technology. Like many performance skis, Rossignol uses a wood core, but instead of extending the wood throughout the ski (which adds extra weight), Rossignol cuts off 30 degrees, making an overall lighter ski. Here are the 5 best Rossignol Telemark skis:

  1. Rossignol "The System" Telemark skis. The System Telemark skis are professional model skis and they are best for an intermediate or advanced skier. System skis feature a rocker tip, which allows you to keep your balance and float down the mountain easily. The regular camber on the System skis facilitates carving. System skis are slightly longer than traditional Telemark skis. Reviewers say that you should buy System skis approximately five to ten centimeters longer than other skis.
  2. Rossignol "Ravyn" Telemark skis. Ravyn Telemark skis are ideal for any skier. Ravyn skis are built with a wood core to be responsive and also promote stability in difficult terrain. Ravyn skis can be used for backcountry skiing and on powder and get lighter at the tip and the tail of the skis to give the skier balance.
  3. Rossignol "Sickbird" Telemark skis. Sickbird Telemark skis are designed for alpine Telemark skiing. Sickbird skis are available in three different sizes: 185 cm, 178 cm, and 171 cm. The Sickbird has a twin tip, making it the best choice for an intermediate or advanced Telemark skier. The Sickbird is extremely lightweight and can be used on any skiing terrain.
  4. Rossignol "Yama" Telemark skis. These Telemark skis have a lot of flexibility and are ideal for beginners and skiers who are new to Telemark skiing. Yama skis come in three sizes: 162 cm, 170 cm and 176 cm. The Yama features the "VAS" absorption system, which absorbs maximum shock and promotes balance and control.
  5. Rossignol "Powderbird" Telemark skis. Powderbird skis are lightweight with a large side-cut. Powderbird skis have a lot of torsional flexion, but they are still able to turn and carve sharply. Powderbird skis are the best Rossignol Telemark skis for an intermediate or advanced skier who plans to stay on groomed runs.
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