5 Best Rubber Sex Dolls

Some of the 5 best rubber sex dolls are made to resemble some of the hottest porn stars in film today. No longer will you have to sit and fantasize about these women. Bring them home and show them what type of man you really are. Many of these dolls (the top notch ones) can range from $100 to over $200. If you have the budget for one you will be sure to find lasting pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

  1. Jessica Drake Talking Love Doll. If you have ever fantasized about having Jessica Drake talk dirty to you then you have just met the sex doll of your dreams. Jessica Drake recorded her own voice so that while you have sex she speaks directly to you as nasty as you have always wanted her to. Her is a seamless and she comes complete with a wireless multi-speed stimulator.
  2. Linn Thomas Talking Love Sex Doll. This vibrating sex doll comes with a pre-recorded voice which is only activated once she has been penetrated. Her arms are movable and her mouth expands the width of two fingers so a tight fit is almost guaranteed.
  3. Gina Lynn Wireless Love Sex Doll. The Gina Lynn sex doll is one of the first wireless vibrating sex doll with an amazing range of motion in her arms. Her sculpted mouth is expandable, and her vaginal area, anus and her nipples were created with Futurotic technology to make them as realistic to the touch as possible.
  4. Jana Cova Love Sex Doll. The Jana sex doll is virtually seamless and comes with a dual inflation pump so that she is ready for the guy on the go. Her mouth has nodules and is fully expandable during oral sex. The sex dolls offers a realistic appearance from her flowing hair to her manicured toes and nails.
  5. Tera Patrick Ultimate Erotic Sex Love Doll. This is the ultimate toy for the sex doll enthusiasts. She is an exact replica of the steamy Tera Patrick from the top of her head to her tip of her toes. She comes with a dual inflation chamber and can hold as much as 300 pounds and is durable enough to take on whatever you can dish out. So if you have any friends I am sure she won't mind.
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