5 Best Running Compression Socks

Looking for the 5 best running compression socks on the market? There is much debate about compression socks for runners. Some believe compression socks are a great tool for the sport. Others feel that compression socks provide no added benefit to the runner. Purchasing compression socks is a personal choice and the effects of compression socks on the runner vary. Compression socks are believed to improve oxygen flow to the calves and thus reduce the chance of cramps. Compression socks are also believed to improve the operation of the muscles. This article will leave those issues to the scientists and the individual runners to decide. We will simply present the 5 best compression socks for running on the market based on performance, construction and durability. The best running compression socks are:

  1. 2XU Compression Calf Guards with Stirrup. These socks offer knee-high comfort with a tight fit that still allows great mobility. These socks provide moisture release and breathability for ultimate comfort. Their sturdy construction and design boast looks, practicality and longevity.
  2. Ironman Endurance Pro. This compression sock is a knee-high calf-hugger. They are made to assist the runner in fatigue reduction and allow the calf to breathe. The socks were made with ventilation and comfort in mind; this sock is ideal for the long distance runner.
  3. CW-X Compression Socks. These socks offer durability and comfort. These socks are built to keep the calves in top working condition, even after extended roadwork. They provide ventilation and a super fit with added target support.
  4. Sugoi R&R Knee High Compression. This compression sock is built to provide the runner with added support, increase recovery and provide adequate ventilation. The socks are built in left and right specifications to allow a better and more compact fit.
  5. Zensah Compression Sock. This is a great sock to round out the list of the 5 best for running. This sock provides target support and added padding for comfort on the impact points. With proper ventilation and a skintight feel, this sock also offers fatigue reduction and hastens muscle recovery.



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