5 Best Running Socks For Men

Here are the 5 best running socks for men on the market.  Although running socks may not seem that important, when you start putting serious mileage on your feet, you need to make sure you wear the best running socks so your feet will feel as great at the end of the run as they feel at the start.

  1. Thorlo.  Thorlo represents the old guard of running socks.  They have extra padding in the areas where the foot strikes the gourd the hardest.  Their two tone colors are distinctive in your sock drawer.  They come in a variety of heights and thickness.  For heavier men who want extra padding, this is the best choice.
  2. Wrightsocks.  These running socks use a dual layer system to avoid blisters.  The theory is that the two layers of fabric shift as you move, which reduces friction on your foot.  This is a good choice for a man who prefers a thinner running sock.
  3. Asics Coolmax.  This is another thin running sock.  They are tightly woven to provide built in arch support.  They help to wick away moisture and keep your foot dry on longer runs.
  4. Feetures.  This is a medium thickness men's running sock, with silver fibers woven in to reduce bacteria.  They also feature a smooth toe area to avoid blisters.  If you’re new to running, this is an economical choice.
  5. Wigwam Streak.  These men's socks are great for the runner who wants to avoid tan lines.   They feature a low cut profile that won’t stick out above your shoes.  These socks blend nylon and coolmax to reduce moisture.

No matter which men's running sock you pick, make sure you wash your running socks without fabric softener.  Fabric softener can reduce the effectiveness of the high tech fibers in these socks and shorten their life.

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