5 Best Running Socks

These are the 5 best running socks. Whether you're just on a jog around the block on a nice day or you're running in an event, these socks will keep your feet dry from sweat and keep your feet as comfortable as you could possibly want them to be.

  1. De Feet Cloud 9 Regular Cuff- These running socks are made from a moisture wicking cool max fabric to keep your feet as dry as you want them to be. They will give you a snug fit for any run you are on making them one of the best socks for running.
  2. Bridgedale X-Hale Speed- These running socks are so great due to their extremely light weight feel. These are great for any run you ever go on because they provide extra cushioning on the heel and ball of the foot.
  3. Nike Elite Structure Running- With an innovative design, these socks provide two layers of low friction yarn making them the best for preventing blisters on your heels. These are best for marathon runners who run long distances, making them a perfect choice for this list of 5 best running socks.
  4. Euro Socks Sprint Silver- These running socks provide you the thick support which make them the best for running in low temperatures to keep your feet the warmest. These socks have a great plushy feel making them one of the best pairs of running socks on the market today.
  5. Injinji Performance Series Mini Crew- The five toe design on these great running socks are best for preventing blisters between the toes. These are best for marathon runners in the dog days of summer when chafing is an issue.

Whether you are a long distance runner or a short distance runner these socks will be your best choice as far as running socks are concerned. No matter what your experience level is, these running socks have something unique to offer you.

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