5 Best Running Trails In San Diego

Looking for the 5 best running trails in San Diego? It probably comes as no surprise that the city offers several running trails since the weather is mild year-round and the mountainous region certainly lends to outdoor enthusiasts.

  1. Cowles Mountain. The summit is within the city limits and offers a comprehensive view of the coast, which of course makes any running trail more enjoyable and one of the best running trails in San Diego. The entire trail is 4.2 miles in length.
  2. Del Mar / Torrey Pines Reserve. This is a favorite among locals due to its combination of pavement, dirt trails and sandy beach simply making this one of the best trails in San Diego. The trail features coastal scenery and makes any exercising more enjoyable when you are in the midst of natural beauty. The total length of the trail is eight miles and it is considered a moderate trail. 
  3. Coronado Beach. Has always been thought of as one of the best running trails in San Diego by locals and visitors alike because of its fine-grain sand and wide path. The two mile natural beauty of the beach on this trail adds to the satisfaction of getting into shape.
  4. Florida Canyon. For those interested in remaining the center of town, this hiking trail is one of the best in San Diego because it is adjacent to the downtown district. Of course, on your run, you will find plenty of sites including the zoo, museums and galleries. It is considered an easier trail and is approximately three miles long.
  5. Mission Bay. This moderately challenging twelve mile trail is one of the best running trails in San Diego because of its flat terrain in the Mission Bay Park. The flat trail makes it easier to complete the entire run, or at least a substantial portion of it and in time perhaps the entire trail. 



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